WWE’s John Cena at Daytona

Let me start off by saying John Cena is a class act. I had great access to his time at Daytona. I have pictures of him with Carl Edwards, Mitt Romney, military veterans, hospitalized children, Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, Rutledge Wood and many more. The guy loves his fans. He loves children. He makes a difference with his celebrity status. He signed a ton of autographs.

I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to a few NASCAR events. I’ve seen WWE on TV. Mix the two together and follow the WWE’s biggest star, and you have mayhem for 48 hours. Fans shouting, screaming, seeking autographs and pictures from all directions. The guy is a rock star. I photographed him being interview, press appearances and at the drivers meeting.

Cena was supposed to wave the green flag to start the Daytona 500, but weather didn’t allow that to happen. I photographed the Daytona Driver’s meeting right before race time, then sat in the infield for a while, hoping the rain would stop. The rain and forecast only got worse. I never got a photo of John waving the green flag, because it never happened. It was a dull finish to my damn exciting time with John and his staff.

CENA DAYTONA – Images by Cy Cyr