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I was setting up to take portraits of the 2018 World Long Drive competitors in Oklahoma and needed to test my lighting. A friend said “you should take a few photos of Mike’s putters that he made. They’re in that case over there.” I responded “what do you mean he makes his own putters?” Military veterans Mike Adcock and business partner Phil Holt design and produce their line of MP Putters with the help of a CNC milling machine, right in Texas. 

I was fascinated by the process. This led me down a rabbit hole of discovering hand made putters. I read up about guys like TP Mills, Karsten Solheim, Tad Moore, Robert Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron. I could imagine them in their garages, basements or shops working with steel experimenting with angles, lofts, weight and material.

I then found some new guys on the block and wrote to them on Instagram. They’re following in the footsteps of the greats and carving their own path.

My original photography idea involved flowers, but I think the pythons work better.

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Many thanks to Rose Reptiles in Orlando, Florida!

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Legacy Goods | Jonathan Tenkely | @legacygoodsltd | Denver, Colorado

Jonathan built his first putter in December 2019 and sent in his most recent head design, the “McClane.” He’s been designing and creating golf accessories on his CNC machine, located in his garage, for years to contribute to local charity organizations and put personalized items into the pockets of playing partners. The McClane takes about 25 hours of machine time and hand finishing to complete. Tenkely says “I have a design and graphic arts background, so crafting a putter that makes an impactful visual statement is how I am currently measuring my success.”

Kraken Golf | Marc Cordeira | @krakengolf | Acushnet, Massachusetts

Marc has been machining since 2014 but built his first putter in 2018. He started with belts, ball markers and divot tools. The 350g Dartmouth Model is of 303 stainless steel featuring a futuristic design with EDC style engraved face, plumbers neck without the cup and clean lines throughout. Marc prefers a minimalistic design and intricate laser details on his putters. His motivation is to attract the younger generation to grow the game with cool designs that promote comfort and calmness when putting.  

Goodwood Golf Company | David Frisch | @goodwoodgolfco | Baltimore, Maryland

David Frisch built his first putter from three pieces of welded steel bar stock in 2018. The putter I photographed was his “Senna”, machined from soft 12L14 carbon steel. It features a long flowing ball screw neck, slightly offset so there is some toe hang. It’s finished off with a dark matte torched finish, clean face milling, minimal stamping and no sight aids. Many of Frisch’s designs are inspired by other putter makers and designs of pre-1970 European motorsport automobiles. 

Coggin Machine and Design | Jayme Coggin | @cmdgolfco | Westfield, Massachusetts

“My goal is to build you your last putter, a putter that makes you want to practice more!” Coggin, who worked on this putter for five days, sent over his Skyler model made of 303 stainless steel, 3 degrees of loft and weight of 350 grams. “The Skyler” was named after his daughter and inspired by the A10 Warthog jet, which was flown by his brother. Coggin sent it to me in secrecy as it’s a gift for his brother, which has to be the coolest gift a brother could give. (Take lessons @jeffcyr19) “Putters don’t have to look one particular way, a deadly putter can be disguised as a rusty piece of steel or a beautiful piece of art.”

Strokes Gained | Neal Rohrbach | @strokesgainedcustoms |Valdosta, Georgia

Neal didn’t send a show piece, he sent me his personal putter that he’s gamed for 4 years, so the pressure was on. I was honored. The first putter Neal designed was in 2001 for another manufacturer and debuted his own brand of putter in April 2016. This putter took Neal 16 hours to produce. He’s gotten his numbers down to roughly 6-12 hours for new builds now. It is inspired by the original Answer head and made of carbon steel and finished in satin nickel. At 355g, it features a sound slot, flow neck, tour dots and a paint scheme featuring the Peach State. 

MP Putters | Mike Adcock & Phillip Holt | | Haslet, TX

After photographing their putters at the 2018 World Long Drive Championships, I was hooked. As a thank you for photographing the putters, Mike and Phillip made me this putter, which has my sons name on the sole. They don’t know it set off a putter hysteria in me or about this putter photoshoot. My boy turns 3 in September 2020 and I can’t wait for him to use this!

Brandon Matthew | Huntington Beach, California | @brandon_matthew_putters

Brandon has taught himself the art of metal working the last few years. He has experience in art and design as a creative director, graphic artist, photographer and web programmer. Being left handed, he wanted a flow neck Anser style putter, which wasn’t available, so he built one. This lead to refinishing Scotty Cameron putters and other brands, which lead to recently launching his own brand. Emphasis is on the forgotten lefty, Brandon builds for both dexterities.

Erin Hills Golf Course, Wisconsin

Erin Hills Golf Course, Wisconsin

I got the opportunity to photograph Erin Hills Golf Club outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2016. When working with Golf Channel, we also get to work with the US Open Championship Trophy. When photographing a golf course, it’s best to work during the sunrise and sunset hours. We photograph the golf course a year in advance of the tournament to avoid the yet-to-be-built tents, grandstands and more. Also, because they start to build the TV graphics and promotional material months in advance.

Tune into the Golf Channel in June to catch the US Open coverage!

Erin Hills Golf Course, Wisconsin

Erin Hills Golf Course, Wisconsin

Erin Hills will be the home of the 2017 US Open Championship.

US OPEN trophy at Erin Hills

Photographer Cy Cyr poses with US Open trophy at Erin Hills Golf Club in Wisconsin.

Cart Girl

Cart Girl

The Secret Life of Cart Girls was published in the April issue of Golf Digest Magazine.  It involves many of my friends including models Tiffany and Dan.  Thankfully, comedians Nick Pupo and Jason Hunter also joined in the fun and provided many laughs throughout the day at Rio Pinar in Orlando.

The story can be found here:

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Here’s a screen shot from to promote the story:

Cart Girl

Cart Girl

Raymond Floyd

Raymond Floyd

Raymond Floyd won two majors before I was born.  He won another two after I was born.  He has 22 wins on the PGA Tour.

The Golf Channel filmed a “7 Nights at the Academy” special show at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida featuring Raymond Floyd.  Filming took place over two days on the range facility.

Golf Channel’s Martin Hall co-hosted the show.  Win McMurry took a behind the scenes crew through the show, and even hosted a Q and A with Mr. Floyd.

My photos were used to promote the show online, in banner ads, and on the Golf Channel website.

Mr. Floyd was great to work with, as we had conversations about his children, New England states, fishing and hunting.

Ian Poulter

Ryder Cup.  Match Play.  No Majors.  Crazy Hair.  Bright clothes.

That’s about what I knew about Ian Poulter before my Golf Channel assignment with him.  I now know that he’s a family man, and willing to do anything to win.  Anything.  He’s a breath of fresh air in the arena of politically correct lameness.  He tells it like it is.  He’s going to step on someone’s throat if it means winning his first major.  Golf Channel host Holly Sonders and Poulter played a few holes at Lake Nona in Orlando in the afternoon.  They even had a friendly competition at a sand trap.  Tune in for that!

After working with Poulter, I contacted several friends and said I’ll be rooting for him to win an elusive major moving forward.  The dude is a bad ass.

It was also Poulter’s birthday on the day of filming.  The thankful Golf Channel crew brought the Ryder Cup hero a cake to celebrate his big day.  We all had a piece after we wrapped for the day.

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Jimmy Roberts

I was 20 when I first photographed Jimmy Roberts.  He was working for ESPN.  He interviewed President George H.W. Bush at the Cape Arundel Golf Course in Kennebunkport, Maine.  That was 15 years ago.  I grew up in nearby Biddeford, Maine.  I was used to seeing or hearing about the President being in town, the F-16’s flying over, the warships off the coast and secret service.  I wasn’t used to ESPN film crews.

Cape Arundel head pro Ken Raynor asked me if I was interested in photographing the President playing golf that day, with an ESPN film crew.  I jumped at the opportunity.  I remember using film with my Nikon camera at the time.  They played quickly.  It was truly a thrill.  I even got my picture taken with the President.  One of my favorite pictures from that day was of the President hitting out of some tall grass.  I was behind him, and the grass was all over the club head.

The ESPN producer gave me his business card and told me to send him a bill for any photos I wanted to pass along.  So I did.  They sent me a check, and a thank you letter.

Fast forward to January 2013.  I’m freelancing for the Golf Channel.  Jimmy Roberts has a new show on TV called  “In Play with Jimmy Roberts.”   I got an assignment to photograph Jimmy for his upcoming shows.  Golf Channel needed documentary, portraits and end page photos.  After a few minutes of photographing Jimmy, I told him, “You probably won’t remember this, but I photographed you playing golf with the President at Cape Arundel Golf Course in Maine.”  He responded with “Not only do I vividly remember that day, but it was one of the best days of my career.”  Jimmy went on to say that it was one of his best golf rounds of his life.  He then told me that a mountain of photos were given to him, and a collage of photos now hangs in his home office.

It was cool to hear that Jimmy had my photos framed and have been hanging on his walls for years.

Watch “In Play with Jimmy Roberts” starting on March 12.

Hank Haney

I first met Hank Haney on the set of his show with Hall of Fame football player Joe Namath.  It was being filmed at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.

Hank Haney loves golf.

One thing that sticks in my mind from that day was seeing Mr. Haney through the window on the putting green, as the film crew was eating lunch.  You could sense that he was working on his game, always trying to improve his skills and his students.  He eventually joined the crew at the lunch table, but got in a few extra golf swings.

I worked with Mr. Haney again on the set of Golf Channel’s Haney Project in Sarasota, Florida with Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps in February 2013.  Again, I saw an incredible passion for golf.  Haney and Phelps have traveled around the world, working on Phelps’ golf game.  Haney is constantly telling Phelps to swing harder, have a consistent practice stroke and then physically moves Phelps into a proper swing position.  He’s also teaching Phelps about course maintenance and the mental game.

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