Tony Robbins poses on his private jet in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2016.

Tony Robbins Corporate Jet

A phone call from Business Jet Traveler is always welcomed. I know that I’ll be working with a heavyweight in the world of sports or business. This call was no different. Tony Robbins corporate jet is a beautiful thing.

Jennifer English and I met up with Tony Robbins on the tarmac at the West Palm Beach airport in Florida. Tony is a big dude with a huge plane. It’s a Bombardier Global Express XRS to be exact. Tony and his team decided that conducting the interview on his newly remodeled corporate plane would be best. I sat in for the interview, making a few photos of Robbins’ facial expressions, body language and hand gestures.

I left the interview after 15 minutes to set up my profoto strobe gear. Earlier, The team at Atlantic Aviation and I had strategically positioned the aircraft away from the other planes, some belonging to Michael Jordan, Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg.

I walked back onto the airplane for the final minutes of the interview. It was great to listen as Tony talked about politics, entrepreneurship, growing up poor, charitable giving and much more. He’s usually talking to thousands of people in a crowd, but on that afternoon, I had a front row ticket to listen to one of the worlds greatest speakers… on his multi million dollar plane.

Most business types don’t like to have their photo made, but Tony showed great interest and patience while I worked the camera. The one conversation topic I can keep up with dealing with business moguls is golf. Tony talked about his game and some of the charity tournaments he plays in. I wrapped up the photography and he noticed that I didn’t make a photo showing the entire side of the plane. I said, “Well, let’s shoot one with you in it really quick!”  He was happy to do so, and I was happy with the entire collection of photos.

Tony said his goodbyes to us on the tarmac as a lucky group of young entrepreneurs waited to meet him… maybe I’ll be photographing one of those people one day.

I got a call from Tony’s team after the article and photos ran in Business Jet Traveler magazine. So, if you see a photo of Tony at his private jet at Tony’s next speaking engagement, it might be mine.

Safe travels to Tony and his incredible team.

Here’s a link to Jennifer’s article in the magazine.

Tony Robbins corporate jet

Tony Robbins at his corporate jet on Friday, March 11, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tony Robbins corporate jet

Speaker Tony Robbins walks towards his Bombardier Global Express XRS corporate jet on Friday, March 11, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tony Robbins poses on his corporate jet in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2016.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA. Speaker Tony Robbins on his corporate jet on Friday, March 11, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tony Robbins corporate jet interior.

Interior view of Tony Robbins corporate jet on Friday, March 11, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.





Tony Robbins corporate jet cockpit

View of the cockpit of Tony Robbins corporate jet on Friday, March 11, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tony Robbins corporate jet bedroom

Private jet bedroom of Tony Robbins .

Tony Robbins planeTony Robbins corporate plane

Corporate jet belonging to Tony Robbins

Logo on Tony Robbins private jet

Tony Robbins jet logo

Vacation Photographer

I just read an article about families hiring professional photographers to go on vacation with them.  How fun!  Please add me into the mix of this exciting spin off of travel photography.

It makes perfect sense for any family to make this investment.  A photographer’s job is to capture action and events as they happen and smiling faces enjoying family time together.  Great photographers are also able to compose portraits at any given location under any lighting conditions.  And just admit it, your previous vacation photos stink.  It’s OK, there’s help on the way.    You’re not in them, Timmy’s head is cut off, there’s limbs missing, the flash is so bright Jenny looks like an alien, red eye and a whole host of problems.  Oh sure you got one good one from the 3000 you took, congratulations!

I can picture traveling with my canon cameras, underwater housing, apple computer and profoto lighting onto a private jet or yacht and working hard with a family that appreciates the talents of a professional photographer.  I’d expect no set hours, a lot of fun, great scenery and being treated like family.  I’d like to think I’d be a fly on the wall in great locations such as Caribbean, Europe, South America, Bora Bora, Alps or an African safari!

I’d treat your family vacation like I’d treat one of my assignments for Golf Channel, HGTV, Discovery Channel, Golf Magazine, or the many number of clients I’ve gained in my 17 years of photography.

I’ve already been in helicopters, planes, million dollar boats, celebrity homes, exclusive resorts and more.  I’ve worked with Shaq, Bobby Flay, author James Patterson, Jimmie Johnson, Arnold Palmer, Michael Phelps,  billionaires Sol Kerzner and Sam Zell, chef Robert Irvine and a whole list of pro golfers.  I’d fit right in!  Come on, take me!  And yes, I have my passport.  And yes, I’m used to non-disclosure agreements.

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vacation photographer


vacation photographer

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine

Restaurant Impossible:  Hard ass.  Jerk.  Harsh.  Abrasive.

Not the Robert Irvine I met….  I got a call to photograph celebrity chef Robert Irvine for a New York magazine.  The Grand Bohemian hotel in Celebration, Florida would be the location for the photo shoot.  The magazine asked for a portrait of Irvine and his beautiful bride Gail Kim.  Irvine’s two daughters were also a part of the photo shoot.  Irvine couldn’t have been any nicer.  He’s a true pro in front of the camera.  He made my photo shoot very fun and brought a lot of energy.

We created some photos in the kitchen of the Grand Bohemian, and then we went outside to the Bohemian’s balcony overlooking the water.  The magazine story had to do with their recent marriage and relationship.  They couldn’t have been any cuter together.

I lit the scene with a Profoto 7b and beauty dish.  With all the highly reflective stainless steel in the kitchen, it’s best the keep your light source on the smaller side.

Irvine is the host of Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network.

I had a blast photographing Irvine and his family, and hope to visit his restaurants in the near future.

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James Patterson

James Patterson

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“If you FANCY the portrait assignment with writer James Patterson, the gig is yours Cy.”   That was the offer from my Sunday Times editor in London, England.  “Since it’s Florida, we’d love to see some palm trees!”

I responded with “I’m available, and maybe Mr. Patterson has a guest house I can move into.”

I did my research to look for subject matter to talk about with Mr. Patterson.  I don’t like to talk with my subject about what they’re best known for because they’re probably bombarded by those questions on a daily basis.  After becoming a fan of his Facebook Fan Page, I saw that he recently had TWO holes in one.  Bingo, golf is enough subject matter for me!  I’ve played golf since the age of 10, and now do a lot of work with the Golf Channel.

I traveled down the Florida Turnpike a few days later on Monday, March 11th, 2013 with orlando videographer Craig Kotilinek.  Our address revealed a gorgeous Palm Beach oceanfront mansion.  A member from Mr. Patterson’s staff greeted us in the driveway, and showed us inside.  We set up a Profoto 7B on a light stand, overlooking his front yard and the Atlantic Ocean.   Mr. Patterson quickly came out of the kitchen and I introduced myself.  “Hello Mr. Patterson, my name is Cy.”  He responded with “Nice to meet you Cy, call me Jim.”

Golf was immediately the subject matter as I asked Jim about his recent hole in ones.  His eyes lit up.  He told us all about them, and the golf competition he enjoys with his wife Sue.

It was downright shocking to hear that Jim still uses a pad a paper to write.  I asked him if we could use them as a prop for a photo, he said they were upstairs in his office.  I didn’t want to trouble him, but then he invited Craig and I upstairs to his office.  I was amazed to see the inner workings of his business life.  There were dozens of manuscripts and screenplays in progress.  Everything was neatly labeled, and claims his assistant cleaned up the place a few short hours ago.  It was fun to discover a golf photo of Jim golfing in Thailand, surrounded by yaks.

Back downstairs, it was amazing to see a huge print of Micahel Phelps beating Serbia’s Milorad Cavic in the 100 meter butterfly at the 2008 Olympics.  The photo was taken with an underwater camera by famed Sports Illustrated photographer Heinz Kluetmeier.  Patterson’s wife is a former All-American national swimmer.

I talked Jim into going outside to make the portrait above.

In the hour I worked with him, I can tell you that he loves his family, loves to work, has no plans to retire, loves golf and enjoys sharing stories.  He’s a great guy, and I already look forward to working with him again down the road.

To read an interview with James Patterson in the New York Times, view this Jonathan Mahler article from January 2010.

Here’s a link to our Sunday Times article, written by Ali Hussain titled ” Fame and Fortune: I like a thrill but hedge my bets.”

James Patterson Sunday Times