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Carter Oosterhouse

I got a call to be the still photographer on the HGTV show “Million Dollar Rooms” hosted by Carter Oosterhouse in Geneva, Florida. The Danville Bed and Breakfast in Geneva, Florida hosted the show and featured their airplane hangar, city, pub, runway, entertainment center, movie screen, planes, cars, photo booth and massive garage door.  Here’s […]

Banana George

Best nickname is sports. I photographed  “Banana” George Blair for the first time when he was 90 years old in his Florida home.    Banana George was born on January 22, 1915.  He wore many hats, but to me will always be known as a barefoot waterskier. Banana George and his wife JoAnne welcomed me […]

Best DSLR Camera

Being a photographer, I get asked all the time, “What’s the best dslr camera I should buy?” I never give a specific answer.  I only ask questions. How much do you want to spend? Do you realize how big and bulky a DSLR is compared to a point and shoot? What do you want to […]

Ian Poulter

Ryder Cup.  Match Play.  No Majors.  Crazy Hair.  Bright clothes. That’s about what I knew about Ian Poulter before my Golf Channel assignment with him.  I now know that he’s a family man, and willing to do anything to win.  Anything.  He’s a breath of fresh air in the arena of politically correct lameness.  He […]

Still Photographer

To me, being a still photographer on a video production means one thing:  Stay the hell out of the way, and do your job. Being a set photographer is a challenge.  You’ll immediately recognize that you  are not the priority, which is difficult for most photographers to fathom. You need to stay out of the […]

Michael Breed

Congratulations to Michael Breed for his 2012 Teacher of the Year award from the PGA! I have worked with Michael on many Golf Channel episodes.  Big Break Academy Greenbrier, Big Break Academy Atlantis, Tony Jacklin, and Larry Nelson are some of my favorites.  Along with hitting the road on location, Breed also hosts “Golf Fix” […]

Jimmy Roberts

I was 20 when I first photographed Jimmy Roberts.  He was working for ESPN.  He interviewed President George H.W. Bush at the Cape Arundel Golf Course in Kennebunkport, Maine.  That was 15 years ago.  I grew up in nearby Biddeford, Maine.  I was used to seeing or hearing about the President being in town, the […]

Hank Haney

I first met Hank Haney on the set of his show with Hall of Fame football player Joe Namath.  It was being filmed at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. Hank Haney loves golf. One thing that sticks in my mind from that day was seeing Mr. Haney through the window on the putting green, […]

A Fresh Start

A new beginning.  A fresh start.  Out with the old.  In with the new. You’ve heard the sayings…  I have too.  I didn’t know what it meant until I burned or trashed photos from the 2001 Super Bowl that I photographed in Tampa.  The spring training baseball games I photographed in Lakeland, Tampa and Kissimmee […]

Lee Westwood

PGA Tour.  European Tour. Consistency. World Number 1. Japan Golf Tour.  Asian Tour.  Ryder Cup.  Sunshine Tour.  English. PGA Tour of Australasia.  Five top 3’s in Majors.  39 Wins. I photographed Lee Westwood’s appearance on the Feherty Show in January, 2013.  The interview took place in the Old Palm Golf community in Palm Beach Gardens. […]

Michael Phelps

Were you watching the 2012 Olympics too? After Michael Phelps won a record number of gold medals, a promo came on TV about him appearing on the next Hank Haney project on Golf Channel. A light bulb immediately went off.  I wanted to photograph Michael Phelps’ golf efforts. I could only assume that the footage […]

Annoying Golf Partners!

I was contacted by Golf Digest staff members in mid 2011 to create humorous photos of annoying golf partners.  I was honored they thought of me.  I guess my narrated video of Golf Digest writer Matt Ginella retrieving golf balls from a water hazard during a PGA tournament finally paid off!  (You’ll have to ask […]


Special “THANK YOU” to PocketWizard for featuring me on their website blog and Facebook page on January 21, 2013! I have been exclusively using PocketWizards for my entire career. The assignment they wrote about was the Golf Digest “18 Annoying Golf Partners” assignment from 2012 and 2013.  We have now photographed 36 annoying golfers such […]

Larry Nelson

10 PGA Tour wins.  3 Majors. US Army Veteran. 3 time Ryder Cup player. 19 Champions Tour victories.  Elected to World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006. I photographed Larry Nelson for his Golf Channel lesson show at the Nick Faldo Institute of Golf in Orlando, Florida on January 4 -5, 2013.  Mr. Nelson is […]

Gulf of Mexico Fishing

I traveled with Boating Magazine editor Robert Stephens from Orlando to New Orleans. We got off the plane and headed to Venice, Louisiana. Since we drove at night, we didn’t get to see much, but seeing the GPS, we knew the Mississippi River was by our side. And it’s shadow indicated it was at a […]

Arielle Metzger

Scholastic Books contacted me about photographing Arielle Metzger in Sanford, Florida. Arielle and her family were homeless, living in a converted van for many months before 20/20 featured them on their tv show. Through generous donations and community involvement, Arielle and her family have a place to call home. Here are my photos from the […]

Mark Billingham

I was asked to make a portrait for the Sunday Times (London) of British crime writer Mark Billingham. Billingham has a vacation home in Sarasota, Florida for when he isn’t working in London. Excuse me… It’s a “Holiday” home. The Sunday Times editor sent me some great examples of past work for the Homes section, […]

Centurion Boats

I recently traveled to Lake Las Vegas to photograph Centurion boats and their riders for editorial and commercial purposes. Although it was a lifestyle shoot, I took it upon myself to ask Centurion wake surfer Bri Chmel for a quick portrait session overlooking the lake. She happily accepted the offer. I set up a Profoto […]


It was one of the most bizarre assignments of my life. I was to meet members of the band Monarchy at their Orlando hotel to make portraits of them. At the time, nobody knew their identities, and it would stay that way. They arrived via car. They were wearing suits. And masks. It was awesome. […]

Joe Namath – Hank Haney

I love working with the Golf Channel. I grew up in Maine and started playing golf when I was 10. Our high school golf team won 2 state championships. At one time, we won 50 straight matches. I assisted a Golf Digest photographer when I was 19. Golf is in my blood. You lose most […]

Mike Jacks, Coke Executive

Modern Materials Handling contacted me about making a portrait of Logistics Systems Manager Mike Jacks in Coca-Cola’s Lakeland, Florida distribution center. Jacks is in charge of a VoIP system that Coke uses in their warehouses across the country. I’d explain what that is, but maybe you should google it. My assistant and I scouted this […]

Clem Lucine

My job never sucks, but some days are better than others. Waterski Magazine called and asked if I was available to make portraits of world waterski champion Clem Lucine. I’ve photographed her before for the magazine, boxing with her friend Natalia Berdnikova. This time was different. Lucine just scored 10,040 points in tricks, becoming the […]

Maine Tuna

My buddy Kyle is a fireman, EMT, electrical technician and tuna fisherman. He has a Maine fishing Charter based in Biddeford. The first time he took me tuna fishing, in 1999, we landed a 650 lb bluefin tuna. I say “we,” but I had no part of it. I was actually laying on the floor […]

The Villages

In French, “The Villages” means “holy shit there’s a lot of golf.” Well, that didn’t make any sense at all, and either do the numbers at The Villages. Golf World contacted me about photographing golf there. It’s like telling someone to see all of Disney World in one day. It’s impossible. It was great to […]

WWE’s John Cena at Daytona

Let me start off by saying John Cena is a class act. I had great access to his time at Daytona. I have pictures of him with Carl Edwards, Mitt Romney, military veterans, hospitalized children, Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, Rutledge Wood and many more. The guy loves his fans. He loves children. He makes a […]

Cigarette Boat out of a helicopter

“Can you photograph a 39′ Cigarette boat off of Miami in 3 days?” I responded, “absolutely.” And then fear set in, mostly because I’m scared of heights, and I’ve never been in a helicopter before. Photographing a boat from a helicopter is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I highly suggest contacting helicopter […]

Florida Photographer

I didn’t start out in Florida, but I now call it home. I’ve been living in Orlando since 2001. I moved for the sports, weather, friends and opportunity. Florida has been very good to me. I’ve worked at a World Series, Super Bowl, NCAA, PGA and LPGA events. I’ve photographed a swimsuit edition for Boating […]

Maine Magazine

I photographed Melanie Kratovil in the summer of 2011 on board the boat “West Wind.” The boat is a working lobster boat, moored in Biddeford Pool, Maine. It’s owned by the hard working, fearless Randy Desmarais. Randy has been a lobsterman since the age of 9. He is friends with Kyle, my buddy since childhood. […]

Jimmie Johnson

I was pumped to be contacted by Jimmie Johnson’s Autumn Games representatives about making the cover portraits of his video game, “Anything with an Engine.” The photos were taken in July 2011, at a private airplane hangar in Daytona Beach while Jimmie was in town for a NASCAR race. Helping me with the shoot was […]

Brittany Lincicome for Kate Lord

I was excited when Kate Lord / Ahead representatives contacted me about making portraits of LPGA Tour golfer Brittany Lincicome for their advertising. Attached is a screen shot from the Kate Lord website, featuring my photo. I photographed Brittany at Grand Cypress Golf Club in Orlando on the Tuesday before her tournament. I used my […]

July 4 Fireworks

I have crazy neighbors. I didn’t expect to see commercial grade fireworks being lit on my residential street in Orlando, Florida. It’s usually a quiet neighborhood, but heading outside on a July 4th sounds like a war zone. So what would any photographer do? Grab a camera of course! July 4 Fireworks – Images by […]

18 Annoying Golfers

Sometimes you’re a perfect fit for a job. This is one of those assignments. Golf Digest came to me with an idea to showcase the 18 people that annoy you while playing golf. For example, the cell phone guy, ball retriever guy, over celebrator and more. Rio Pinar, an Orlando golf course, was our gracious […]


I love working with Aviation International News. They’ve sent me to Geneva, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Houston, Orlando and Atlanta. It’s my job to photograph the CEO’s of business jet manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Falcon Daussalt, Airbus, Boeing, Honda, Cessna and many others. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph pilots Harrison Ford, Fig Newton, Randy Babbitt, […]


I was honored to be asked back to Pinehurst, North Carolina to cover a Mercedes Benz amateur golf tournament. The regional tournament winners moved on to a national tournament in August, Georgia. Mercedes knows how to put on a great weekend. Guests are treated to golf, food, celebrities, comedians and musical acts. The cars on […]

Shaq for Dove

Shaquille O’Neal is the biggest and nicest humans I’ve come across. I photographed Shaq on a green screen in his garage while a film crew was producing ads for the 2012 March Madness. The production crew and I pulled into Shaq’s Orlando mansion at 7am. A green screen was erected, lights put in place and […]

Cancer Today

I was contacted by Cancer Today Magazine to photograph Tampa resident Bob Samuels at his home for their Summer 2012 cover. Samuels is many things. Banker. Veteran. Cancer survivor. Chairman of National Prostate Cancer Coalition. Father. Husband. Author. Pioneer. Advocate. Tampa photographer Edward Linsimer helped me set up Mr. Samuels portrait on his front porch, […]


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the EBACE show in Geneva, Switzerland for Aviation International News. I didn’t think much of it then, but writers and editors suggested we go drive by CERN in a nearby town. CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. To read more about CERN, click […]