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Political Photography

Last year while rebuilding a different website, I added “Political Photography” to our portrait categories.  Upon launching the website, I was immediately called by a firm in Washington, DC about my services.  But before I even worked the first one, the would be client referred me to another firm in DC.  Because of the scheduling, I ended up working the referral first.

It was great to work with the candidates on their marketing strategy.  I photographed young and old, nearby in Orlando, Deltona, Daytona, Palm Beach, Miami and far away in Pennsylvania.  I photographed candidates ranging from state senators to legislators to commissioners.  I recently found out that my personal win-loss record was really good!

The photo shoots consist of the candidates appearing with supporters.  They’re usually engaged in conversation, listening and the center of attention.  It’s my job to make them look good.  Their hair, clothing and make up.  I find nice pleasing backgrounds to don’t take away from the subject.  Sometimes I’ll light them up with my Profoto 7B, or simply use a bounce card.  I bring the same visual approach as when working with celebrities and business people.

I like to use the word “approachable” while working with politicians.  Often, it works so well, that random people on the streets come up and ask what we’re doing.  We recently were approached by a man opening a business nearby.  “What are you guys taking pictures for?”  Someone responded “this young lady is running for XYZ.”  Well, he then wanted to be in some photos, was willing to sign a model release and we made it happen.  That’s happens a lot.

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