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Maine Milky Way

Milky Way off the coast of Maine.

Maine Milky Way

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While home in Biddeford, Maine in early August 2013, I headed to the Fortunes Rock Beach area to shoot some night exposures of the Milky Way.  I chose the beach because of its optimum viewing area and minimum light pollution.

I brought along my Canon 5D Mark III.  My exposure settings were 1600 iso, 30 second shutter speed and my aperture was f2.8 with a 16-35mm lens set at 16mm.  The photo was taken at 9:59pm.

I brought the raw photo into Digital Photo Professional for color correction and to tweak the exposure and sharpness.  No colors were added to the photo.

Upon closer review, you can notice a few satellites and planes flying.  The small waves in the photo are blurry due to the long exposure.  There also appears to be a sand castle in the lower left hand of the frame.

The Milky Way is visible to the naked eye in the dark areas of southern Maine.  Get your camera and tripod out and make some photos!

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