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Michael Breed

Congratulations to Michael Breed for his 2012 Teacher of the Year award from the PGA!

I have worked with Michael on many Golf Channel episodes.  Big Break Academy Greenbrier, Big Break Academy Atlantis, Tony Jacklin, and Larry Nelson are some of my favorites.  Along with hitting the road on location, Breed also hosts “Golf Fix” on Golf Channel from their studios in Orlando, Florida.

Breed is excellent on camera.  He brings decades of golf knowledge and energy to every show.

Players love Breed’s instruction because he doesn’t change swings, he develops them.  Breed can dissect a players golf swing after 2 – 3 practice shots.  As a golfer, it’s impressive to watch.  Instruction immediately makes sense.

Off camera, Breed continues to work with the players.  He has even offered tips to the film crew!  Breed loves a good competition on camera or off.  He routinely crushes the dreams of Big Break players by breaking glass first, hits it straighter, further and less often.