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Mike Jacks, Coke Executive

coke executive

Modern Materials Handling contacted me about making a portrait of Logistics Systems Manager Mike Jacks in Coca-Cola’s Lakeland, Florida distribution center. Jacks is in charge of a VoIP system that Coke uses in their warehouses across the country. I’d explain what that is, but maybe you should google it.

My assistant and I scouted this gigantic warehouse before Mr. Jacks came in. Pallets and pallets of Coke products, stack high for as far as the eye can see. I got shot down on a few of my ideas because of safety reasons…”Can we lift Mr. Jacks in that hole up there between the Coke and Sprite pallets?” “Can Mr. Jacks sit on the forklift with a pallet of Coke?” No to both of those, but we were allowed to build our own set at ground level, so that’s what we did. I lit the scene with a Profoto 7B with an Elinchrom octobank. We had it ready for Mr. Jacks when he walked in, and were done in 20 minutes. We experimented with different brands, poses and props.

Just for the record, Mike was a great sport, and would have agreed to be lifted high among the pallets for a great photo. :)

Coke Cola Exec – Images by Cy Cyr