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Maine Tuna

maine tuna fishing

My buddy Kyle is a fireman, EMT, electrical technician and tuna fisherman. He has a Maine fishing Charter based in Biddeford. The first time he took me tuna fishing, in 1999, we landed a 650 lb bluefin tuna. I say “we,” but I had no part of it. I was actually laying on the floor while Kyle shouted “Fish On”, sick of puking up cheerios. I’ll never forget the day. The fight lasted 1.5 hours. The boat traveled 1.5 miles during the fight. The fish almost didn’t fit through the “tuna door” on his boat. I took pictures the whole time. It was amazing. It was the first time I had sushi. A dealer came to the dock and prepared it for its immediate trip to Japan. I love hearing other peoples fishing stories. Little trout, salmon, bass, etc. I’ll whip out my phone and watch peoples jaw drop. They think the picture is photoshopped. It isn’t.

Kyle landed another Bluefin while I visited in 2010. I wasn’t on the boat this time, but I was pumped to meet him at the Biddeford Pool dock. And, I’m happy to say… it wasn’t as big as when I was on the boat… :) The link to those photos are below.

maine tuna fishing – Images by Cy Cyr