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Joe Namath – Hank Haney

joe namath-hank haney

I love working with the Golf Channel. I grew up in Maine and started playing golf when I was 10. Our high school golf team won 2 state championships. At one time, we won 50 straight matches. I assisted a Golf Digest photographer when I was 19. Golf is in my blood.

You lose most control when working with a film crew. The photographer is secondary. TV needs their shots first. However, the Golf Channel people recognize the importance of still images, and are wonderful to work with. The photos are used in the actual show, online and promoting the show.

We traveled down to the Breakers Rees Jones Golf Course in Palm Beach, Florida. Hank Haney worked with Joe Namath on the range and on the course. They worked on driving, chipping and putting. Haney loves to teach. Off camera, he was still giving lessons to Namath. During our lunch break, Haney went out to practice his chipping for a few extra minutes. No wonder he’s one of the best golf coaches in the world.

Speaking of lunch, the crew sat down at a round table with Mr. Namath and Mr. Haney in a private room at the golf course. Broadway Joe was kind enough to talk about his days playing football at Alabama and for the Jets. I find it crazy how someone can talk with vivid detail about events long ago. At one time, Mr. Namath was recalling scores, plays and what players were saying during a PRE season game! I usually can’t remember what happened yesterday. However, I will remember my photo shoot with Joe Namath & Hank Haney for many years to come.

Make sure to check out “The Big Miss” on Hank’s website and cool collectibles on Broadway Joe’s website!

Joe Namath – Hank Haney – Images by Cy Cyr