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Jimmie Johnson


I was pumped to be contacted by Jimmie Johnson’s Autumn Games representatives about making the cover portraits of his video game, “Anything with an Engine.” The photos were taken in July 2011, at a private airplane hangar in Daytona Beach while Jimmie was in town for a NASCAR race. Helping me with the shoot was buddy Mark Ashman and Orlando make up artist Gina Lamm with About Face Design Team.

Jimmie was super interested in the look of the video game and our photos. He was very hands on, and even provided some art direction. He gave us plenty of time to make a full range of portraits. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

We lit Jimmie on a white background with Profoto lights and an Elinchrom octobank. Because of the hot July weather, we brought in an additional commercial A/C unit to cool the hangar.

The owner of the hangar had the initials “C.Y.” This was also the start of his N-Number of his Lear Jet parked 40 feet away. I asked him to take it for a spin, but he kindly turned me down.