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Cigarette Boat out of a helicopter

“Can you photograph a 39′ Cigarette boat off of Miami in 3 days?” I responded, “absolutely.” And then fear set in, mostly because I’m scared of heights, and I’ve never been in a helicopter before. Photographing a boat from a helicopter is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I highly suggest contacting helicopter pilot Trish at Florida Coast to Coast Helicopters. She put me at ease. And she didn’t make me feel like a giant pussy. Trish pointed out some of the highlights along the way down to Key Biscayne Bay.

Doing circles around a speed boat going 80 mph with a helicopter may be normal for some, but it was a little nerve racking for me. Our helicopter was a Robinson 44, a four seater. Orlando videographer Craig Kotilinek also made the trip with me. He has great footage of the Cigarette boat.

12132011_PMYCYR – Images by Cy Cyr

Here’s a link to some out takes while cruising around South Florida in a Robinson 44.

South Florida Aerials – Images by Cy Cyr