It was one of the most bizarre assignments of my life. I was to meet members of the band Monarchy at their Orlando hotel to make portraits of them. At the time, nobody knew their identities, and it would stay that way. They arrived via car. They were wearing suits. And masks. It was awesome.

They chose to release an album in the central Florida area because of the space program in Cape Canaveral. They held a private concert the following night at an amphitheater on the space coast. It

Monarchy – Images by Cy Cyr

Joe Namath – Hank Haney

joe namath-hank haney

I love working with the Golf Channel. I grew up in Maine and started playing golf when I was 10. Our high school golf team won 2 state championships. At one time, we won 50 straight matches. I assisted a Golf Digest photographer when I was 19. Golf is in my blood.

You lose most control when working with a film crew. The photographer is secondary. TV needs their shots first. However, the Golf Channel people recognize the importance of still images, and are wonderful to work with. The photos are used in the actual show, online and promoting the show.

We traveled down to the Breakers Rees Jones Golf Course in Palm Beach, Florida. Hank Haney worked with Joe Namath on the range and on the course. They worked on driving, chipping and putting. Haney loves to teach. Off camera, he was still giving lessons to Namath. During our lunch break, Haney went out to practice his chipping for a few extra minutes. No wonder he’s one of the best golf coaches in the world.

Speaking of lunch, the crew sat down at a round table with Mr. Namath and Mr. Haney in a private room at the golf course. Broadway Joe was kind enough to talk about his days playing football at Alabama and for the Jets. I find it crazy how someone can talk with vivid detail about events long ago. At one time, Mr. Namath was recalling scores, plays and what players were saying during a PRE season game! I usually can’t remember what happened yesterday. However, I will remember my photo shoot with Joe Namath & Hank Haney for many years to come.

Make sure to check out “The Big Miss” on Hank’s website and cool collectibles on Broadway Joe’s website!

Joe Namath – Hank Haney – Images by Cy Cyr

Mike Jacks, Coke Executive

coke executive

Modern Materials Handling contacted me about making a portrait of Logistics Systems Manager Mike Jacks in Coca-Cola’s Lakeland, Florida distribution center. Jacks is in charge of a VoIP system that Coke uses in their warehouses across the country. I’d explain what that is, but maybe you should google it.

My assistant and I scouted this gigantic warehouse before Mr. Jacks came in. Pallets and pallets of Coke products, stack high for as far as the eye can see. I got shot down on a few of my ideas because of safety reasons…”Can we lift Mr. Jacks in that hole up there between the Coke and Sprite pallets?” “Can Mr. Jacks sit on the forklift with a pallet of Coke?” No to both of those, but we were allowed to build our own set at ground level, so that’s what we did. I lit the scene with a Profoto 7B with an Elinchrom octobank. We had it ready for Mr. Jacks when he walked in, and were done in 20 minutes. We experimented with different brands, poses and props.

Just for the record, Mike was a great sport, and would have agreed to be lifted high among the pallets for a great photo. :)

Coke Cola Exec – Images by Cy Cyr

Clem Lucine

My job never sucks, but some days are better than others. Waterski Magazine called and asked if I was available to make portraits of world waterski champion Clem Lucine. I’ve photographed her before for the magazine, boxing with her friend Natalia Berdnikova.

This time was different. Lucine just scored 10,040 points in tricks, becoming the first woman to break the 10,000 mark. It also elevated the world overall record. We made some portraits where she trains and then went down the street, to photograph her with her Ski Nautique boat. We had a great two hours of shooting… dramatic clouds, high energy jumps and posed rope handles.

Clem was terrific to work with. Days after the shoot, she headed back to France for the winter and celebrated her achievements. Congratulations Clem!

Clem Lucine – Images by Cy Cyr

Maine Tuna

maine tuna fishing

My buddy Kyle is a fireman, EMT, electrical technician and tuna fisherman. He has a Maine fishing Charter based in Biddeford. The first time he took me tuna fishing, in 1999, we landed a 650 lb bluefin tuna. I say “we,” but I had no part of it. I was actually laying on the floor while Kyle shouted “Fish On”, sick of puking up cheerios. I’ll never forget the day. The fight lasted 1.5 hours. The boat traveled 1.5 miles during the fight. The fish almost didn’t fit through the “tuna door” on his boat. I took pictures the whole time. It was amazing. It was the first time I had sushi. A dealer came to the dock and prepared it for its immediate trip to Japan. I love hearing other peoples fishing stories. Little trout, salmon, bass, etc. I’ll whip out my phone and watch peoples jaw drop. They think the picture is photoshopped. It isn’t.

Kyle landed another Bluefin while I visited in 2010. I wasn’t on the boat this time, but I was pumped to meet him at the Biddeford Pool dock. And, I’m happy to say… it wasn’t as big as when I was on the boat… :) The link to those photos are below.

maine tuna fishing – Images by Cy Cyr

The Villages

In French, “The Villages” means “holy shit there’s a lot of golf.” Well, that didn’t make any sense at all, and either do the numbers at The Villages. Golf World contacted me about photographing golf there. It’s like telling someone to see all of Disney World in one day. It’s impossible.

It was great to team up with writer Leigh Montville. Especially since he’s a fellow Red Sox fan.

Montville wrote that there are currently 504 holes of golf. 10 Country clubs, seven with 27 holes, three with 18. 29 exucutive, nine hole courses. 2.5 million rounds played last year. 84 miles of fairway. 10,000 golfers per day. Montville and I sat down with Ken Creely, director of country-club operations.

I’ve never seen so many golf carts in my life. And, they’re all personalized. Fire trucks, corvettes, alumni colors, 18 wheelers, sound systems, blinkers, coolers, tassles, wooden interiors and other tricked out carts.

Contact me to see inquire about available images.

Golf World Villages – Images by Cy Cyr

WWE’s John Cena at Daytona

Let me start off by saying John Cena is a class act. I had great access to his time at Daytona. I have pictures of him with Carl Edwards, Mitt Romney, military veterans, hospitalized children, Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, Rutledge Wood and many more. The guy loves his fans. He loves children. He makes a difference with his celebrity status. He signed a ton of autographs.

I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to a few NASCAR events. I’ve seen WWE on TV. Mix the two together and follow the WWE’s biggest star, and you have mayhem for 48 hours. Fans shouting, screaming, seeking autographs and pictures from all directions. The guy is a rock star. I photographed him being interview, press appearances and at the drivers meeting.

Cena was supposed to wave the green flag to start the Daytona 500, but weather didn’t allow that to happen. I photographed the Daytona Driver’s meeting right before race time, then sat in the infield for a while, hoping the rain would stop. The rain and forecast only got worse. I never got a photo of John waving the green flag, because it never happened. It was a dull finish to my damn exciting time with John and his staff.

CENA DAYTONA – Images by Cy Cyr

Cigarette Boat out of a helicopter

“Can you photograph a 39′ Cigarette boat off of Miami in 3 days?” I responded, “absolutely.” And then fear set in, mostly because I’m scared of heights, and I’ve never been in a helicopter before. Photographing a boat from a helicopter is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I highly suggest contacting helicopter pilot Trish at Florida Coast to Coast Helicopters. She put me at ease. And she didn’t make me feel like a giant pussy. Trish pointed out some of the highlights along the way down to Key Biscayne Bay.

Doing circles around a speed boat going 80 mph with a helicopter may be normal for some, but it was a little nerve racking for me. Our helicopter was a Robinson 44, a four seater. Orlando videographer Craig Kotilinek also made the trip with me. He has great footage of the Cigarette boat.

12132011_PMYCYR – Images by Cy Cyr

Here’s a link to some out takes while cruising around South Florida in a Robinson 44.

South Florida Aerials – Images by Cy Cyr

Florida Photographer

I didn’t start out in Florida, but I now call it home. I’ve been living in Orlando since 2001. I moved for the sports, weather, friends and opportunity. Florida has been very good to me. I’ve worked at a World Series, Super Bowl, NCAA, PGA and LPGA events. I’ve photographed a swimsuit edition for Boating Magazine in Fort Myers and Destin, Florida. I’ve been down to Key Largo to photograph a solar powered boat. I’ve covered PGA Tour events in Miami, Orlando and Ponte Vedra Beach. NASCAR events in Homestead and Daytona Beach. Waterskiing and wakeboarding take place throughout Florida.

Maine Magazine

maine magazine lobster woman cover by Cy Cyr

I photographed Melanie Kratovil in the summer of 2011 on board the boat “West Wind.” The boat is a working lobster boat, moored in Biddeford Pool, Maine. It’s owned by the hard working, fearless Randy Desmarais. Randy has been a lobsterman since the age of 9. He is friends with Kyle, my buddy since childhood. Kyle has a Maine fishing charter. Kyle organized my photo shoot on the West Wind so my girlfriend and I could experience a few hours on a lobsterboat.

I brought my profoto 7B, and a medium softbox. Before we went in for the day, I asked Randy to pull the boat in front of the Wood Island Lighthouse, off the coast of Biddeford. We shot some pictures of them on the back of the boat, then near the cockpit. I really liked the photos, and quickly shared them with Randy and Melanie.

A whole winter went by when Melanie contacted me about Maine Magazine representatives seeing the photo on her Facebook account, and being interested in using a photo from that day as their next cover. I uploaded a few images to photoshelter so the editors could preview a few photos. I always had a hunch someone would appreciate the pictures, and was excited to see them land on a great Maine magazine.

Jimmie Johnson


I was pumped to be contacted by Jimmie Johnson’s Autumn Games representatives about making the cover portraits of his video game, “Anything with an Engine.” The photos were taken in July 2011, at a private airplane hangar in Daytona Beach while Jimmie was in town for a NASCAR race. Helping me with the shoot was buddy Mark Ashman and Orlando make up artist Gina Lamm with About Face Design Team.

Jimmie was super interested in the look of the video game and our photos. He was very hands on, and even provided some art direction. He gave us plenty of time to make a full range of portraits. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

We lit Jimmie on a white background with Profoto lights and an Elinchrom octobank. Because of the hot July weather, we brought in an additional commercial A/C unit to cool the hangar.

The owner of the hangar had the initials “C.Y.” This was also the start of his N-Number of his Lear Jet parked 40 feet away. I asked him to take it for a spin, but he kindly turned me down.

Brittany Lincicome for Kate Lord

brittany lincicome for kate lord

I was excited when Kate Lord / Ahead representatives contacted me about making portraits of LPGA Tour golfer Brittany Lincicome for their advertising. Attached is a screen shot from the Kate Lord website, featuring my photo. I photographed Brittany at Grand Cypress Golf Club in Orlando on the Tuesday before her tournament. I used my Profoto 7B and Elinchrom octobank. Brittany was a pleasure to work with, and tied for 21st in the tournament.

11162011_Lincicome – Images by Cy Cyr

July 4 Fireworks

I have crazy neighbors. I didn’t expect to see commercial grade fireworks being lit on my residential street in Orlando, Florida. It’s usually a quiet neighborhood, but heading outside on a July 4th sounds like a war zone. So what would any photographer do? Grab a camera of course!

July 4 Fireworks – Images by Cy Cyr

18 Annoying Golfers

golf digest_18 annoying golferSometimes you’re a perfect fit for a job. This is one of those assignments. Golf Digest came to me with an idea to showcase the 18 people that annoy you while playing golf. For example, the cell phone guy, ball retriever guy, over celebrator and more.

Rio Pinar, an Orlando golf course, was our gracious host for the day.

11212011_AnnyoingGolf – Images by Cy Cyr


I love working with Aviation International News. They’ve sent me to Geneva, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Houston, Orlando and Atlanta. It’s my job to photograph the CEO’s of business jet manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Falcon Daussalt, Airbus, Boeing, Honda, Cessna and many others.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph pilots Harrison Ford, Fig Newton, Randy Babbitt, Sean Tucker and more.

NBAA Pilot roundtable


Mercedes Benz Golf Tournament at Pinehurst

I was honored to be asked back to Pinehurst, North Carolina to cover a Mercedes Benz amateur golf tournament. The regional tournament winners moved on to a national tournament in August, Georgia. Mercedes knows how to put on a great weekend. Guests are treated to golf, food, celebrities, comedians and musical acts. The cars on display throughout the resort are absolutely beautiful.

Mercedes Benz Golf Tournament at Pinehurst

Shaq for Dove

Shaquille O’Neal is the biggest and nicest humans I’ve come across. I photographed Shaq on a green screen in his garage while a film crew was producing ads for the 2012 March Madness. The production crew and I pulled into Shaq’s Orlando mansion at 7am. A green screen was erected, lights put in place and then showtime. After reading lines and freestyling for a few hours, the production took pictures with Shaq. He also signed a few autographs.

Shaq told me about a few cameras and lenses he owns. I didn’t know he was a camera buff.

Shaquille O'Neal for Dove Men + Care

Shaquille O’Neal for Dove Men + Care

Cancer Today

I was contacted by Cancer Today Magazine to photograph Tampa resident Bob Samuels at his home for their Summer 2012 cover. Samuels is many things. Banker. Veteran. Cancer survivor. Chairman of National Prostate Cancer Coalition. Father. Husband. Author. Pioneer. Advocate.

Tampa photographer Edward Linsimer helped me set up Mr. Samuels portrait on his front porch, then his back patio. We took notice of Mr. Samuels pictures with politician, leaders, businessmen and celebrities. One thing that caught my eye was Mr. Samuels Olympic torch that he carried before the 2002 Olympic Games. It was in Salt Lake City that year. I got goose bumps when he allowed me to pick it up.

Mr. Samuels and his wife Lillie later posed together for a portrait on their back porch. We had a great photo shoot. It was an honor to spend a few hours with Mr. Samuels.

Portrait of Bob Samuels for the cover of Cancer Today Magazine.


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the EBACE show in Geneva, Switzerland for Aviation International News. I didn’t think much of it then, but writers and editors suggested we go drive by CERN in a nearby town. CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. To read more about CERN, click here. I was simply happy to snap a quick camera phone photo during a rainy visit at night.

Cern at night, in the rain